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    Like any other nations of the world, India after the independence has set up the separate sets of law guided by the Preamble or the Constitution of India to serve the variety of purposes. The Civil Law of the Indian Judiciary System is an important legal segment. The main focus was to protect the people of the country from committing and maintaining the basic rights and the responsibilities. It generally deals with the personal family matters, the issues regarding the rent matters, disputes occurred during the process of the sale of the commodities, among the organizations and so on. In the civil litigations, the plaintiff files a case against the wrongdoers before the court. The purpose of these cases aims towards the sustenance of the rights of the individuals and the providing the compensation to the plaintiff.


    It primarily focuses on the violation of the individual rights. In the civil matters, the wrongdoers are asked to compensate the plaintiff only to the extent of the damages caused which is in contrary to the punishments that are faced after the trials of the criminal proceedings. The civil matters do not contain any imprisonment of the wrongdoer instead they are asked for the damage compensation and the injunction. Hence, to run a society smoothly, the Indian Judiciary System has the two basic wings of law, i.e. the Civil Law and the Criminal Law. While the civil law compensates the disputes, the criminal law punishes the one who commits a crime. Hence, people look for the best civil lawyer in Kolkata.


    Problems faced by clients while looking for a good civil lawyer in Kolkata


    The civil laws are basically created to maintain the peace and harmony among the fellow citizens of the nation. These laws look after the interpersonal conflicts, the personal issues, conflicts of the communities, the disputes pertaining to the sales and so on. Even though with so many safeguarding procedures of the Indian Judiciary System, the people still get affected by the various conflicts and disputes among each other.


    They fall into the trap of the malicious activities. The range of civil lawyer fees in Kolkata is much higher than other cities that makes difficult for middle-class families to afford. Moreover, seeking the legal help from the system is more tiresome. The lengthy process of the judiciary unnecessarily hampers time and energy with doing a very little help to them.


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